Name: Drew

Age: 29

Occupation: DJ/Promoter/Producer, and soon to be running a new hard-ass Aussie record label.

Living: Last time I checked my heart-rate.

State: Vic

Dj ??: Yes

What U Like: All types of music - big on 70's rock, weird new-age rock n roll, breakbeat fanatic. Anything that is new, fresh, trying to push boundaries. Drum & bass, tough/nasty hip-hop. David Gray is my fave performer of all time.

I play out at: Out of Order (Lounge), Gimme a Break (Republika).

I dont Like: Whacky commercial unoriginal breaks, tall poppy syndrome, hard house. Dj's that hide behind the music/anthems they play rather than exhibiting any talent or doing anything remotely original, and who are still promoted as 'awesome'.

Useless Information: I once had a woman purposely masturbate in front of me while I was playing at a well known club here in Melb. Unfortunatley she had a head like a dropped pie, and legs like two dead sperm whales.
Collision - Earthcore/Lectro/Dirty Deeds - Sat 20th of Oct @ the Prince

Earthcore Global Carnival 2006 - 24th 26th November!

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