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Jimmy I didnt realise you were the actual Drunken Master Dj - I thought that was just a link you had posted to a cool mix set you liked ... I downloaded it the other day and had a listen to it - nice stuff mate ... very left of centre but well mixed and a wicked track selection !!

nice one geezer


the floor was emptying - I had no choice and the ladies were back up and rockin in no time

Yes. Behold!...I am the Drunken Master

Yes very different with a mish mash of different Genres to keep you on your toes.

Drunken master mega mix 3 is now out. Don't ask me where #2 went. I dont even know. Was prob too smashed but might be worth a fair bit later on down the line

link to it is at http://www.jimmydau.com/download/dru...ermegamix3.mp3

Playlist at http://www.jimmydau.com/download/megamixplaylist.txt

Sorry for the hijack!

Rock n Roll!!!!!
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