good idea tom

as always you'll need to be registered with raveadelaide to download them.

i have another 2 online but thy are NRG which really isn't suitable for this forum. but here's my last 2.

UK Hardcore/freeform

1. Haze and the alcolyte- Executive
2. CLSM feat Bello B- Tranmission to mars
3. Sunrize- Standing still
4. CLSM- Reaching out (Billy Bunter & CLSM remix)
5. Dj Ham- Pay Attention
6. Brisk and Brown- Back and Forth
7. UFO- New years day
8. Sunrize- Don't even try it
9. V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D.- Huggermugger
10. Dredhed- Chemicals in motion
11. Tazz- In syndication
12. Alek szahala- caballo
13. CLSM- Wicked MC (AMS remix)
14. Carbon Based- Outer rings

HEXCORE II- the cheese edition
UK Hardcore/freeform

1. UFO- New years day
2. Plus system- Memories
3. Breeze and styles- Heartbeats
4. Eclipse- 24/7 (Breeze & styles remix)
5. Re-Con- Free again
6. Re-Con- Bang 9
7. CLSM & Billy Bunter- Reaching out
8. DJ Ham- Pat Attention
9. Breeze & styles- You're Shining (H.T.I.D.)
10. Euphony and Storm- Breathe
11. Re-Con- Right here
12. Brisk and Ham- Crazy love
13. V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D.- Inorganic sound
14. Brisk and Ham- Sounds legit
Destroying -
Karma @ Earth every Saturday
Altitude @ Earth 21/10
Lashed @ Earth 22/10
Rezerection @ Earth 28/10
Scott alert @ Earth 29/10
Anthems on a harder tip @ St pauls 29/10

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