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Hex vs Torque
Live at revolution

1. Concord Dawn- Don't tell me
2. CLSM Feat Bello B- Transmission to mars
3. K-Komplex And Desire- The Machine
4. Gammer- Xtreme
5. Invader And Oli G- Living Hell
6. Two's Company- Dream (AMS remix)
7. ASA and A1- Cured
8. AMS- Rock the Beatz or funky beatz*
9. K-Komplex- Adagio (Rave Mix)

*I'm not 100% sure about the name of this tune cos i have it on cdr and i lost the tracklisting for it.

Infexious Beatz

this mix has a little bit of everything thrown in, dnb to freeform- nothing overly new tune wise just some personal favourites and few big tunes. excuse the mix between executive and lush, sorry about that one! and the last tune was put in there for a bit of fun.

1. Ebony Dubsters- RA!
2. Concord Dawn- Don't tell me
3. CLSM- Something Inside
4. Haze & The Alcolyte- Executive
5. Pain On Creation- Lush
6. Carbon Based- Ultimate Protection
7. Invader and OLi G- Living Hell
8. Vinal and Dan Devotion feat impat- say it again
9. K-Komplex and desire- The Machine
10. DJ Fury- lemonade ray gun
11. Alek Szhala- Caballo
12. Carbon Based- Cyclone
13. CLSM feat Sharkey- Wicked MC (AMS remix)
14. AMS- Can you feel it
15. AMS- Nosebleed
16. Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D.- Punchdrunk
17. Nasenbluten- Blows T' the nose
Destroying -
Karma @ Earth every Saturday
Altitude @ Earth 21/10
Lashed @ Earth 22/10
Rezerection @ Earth 28/10
Scott alert @ Earth 29/10
Anthems on a harder tip @ St pauls 29/10

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