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01:: Chris Su - Solaris [Subtitles]
02:: Tazz & Shanty - Rave Ripper [Electronic]
03:: Dj Anti-Shock - Pensive (Dj Resist Remix) [Switched On]
04:: Eryk Orpheus, Mark Ashley and K Complex - Atom E Theme 2 [Nu Energy]
05:: Eclipse - Devastator [Nu Energy]
06:: Eclipse - Ultraworld 5 [Bonkers]
07:: Dj Ham - Jump 2 Da Groove [Blatant Beats]
08:: Break - Submerged [Subtitles]


ok dudes i been mixin about 5 months and this is my first mix but was very very rushed and well yeah some dodgy mixes so i apolagise now. ultrawod > jump 2 da groove = tragic fuckup haha, my pressing of jump 2 da groove is warped as fuck its not funny and yeah pushing it a little skipped it a few too many beats forward lol. was almost not going to upload it cos im not happy with the mixing but i thought fuck it the choons are good so hope thats ok, id appreciate any feedback aswell will sit down and do a mix im happy with in the next few weeks, anywho enough codshit, get on it

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