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::ok dudes i been mixin about 5 months and this is my first mix but was very very rushed and well yeah some dodgy mixes so i apolagise now.

dude no mix is perfect don't stress to hard. i mean look at infexious beatz, the mix from executive into lush was woeful but it was one mix out ot 17 or something so at the end of the day i thought fuck it the rest of the mix is okay and people should by now know i can mix so hopefully they can excuse one mistake. sure we all come across as critical wankers but me personally i love hearing new dj's getting up there and giving it a go.

i'm downloading it now. the tracklisting looks impressive. i'll feednback later
Destroying -
Karma @ Earth every Saturday
Altitude @ Earth 21/10
Lashed @ Earth 22/10
Rezerection @ Earth 28/10
Scott alert @ Earth 29/10
Anthems on a harder tip @ St pauls 29/10