ooook lads, i did up a new mix on sat night and this is what i came up with

01:: Simon Apex vs Safe N Sound - Sensations [Bonkerz]
02:: Dj Impact - The Funky Technician [Relentless]
03:: Dreadhed feat MC Casper - Chemicals In Motion [Blatant Beats]
04:: V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D - Huggermugger [Blatant Beats]
05:: Storm & Dok - You **** [Destructive Force]
06:: Sunrize - Raw Power [Destructive Force]
07:: Sunrize - The Darkness [Destructive Force]
08:: AMS - I Feel Hardcore [Uprising]
09:: Robbie Long & AMS - Kill Bill Vol 2 [Thin n Crispy]
10:: Ethos & Impact - Terrodome 2004 [Future Dance]
11:: AMS - Don't Give A Fuck [Future Dance]
12:: Dj Slam - The Bell [Bonkerz]
13:: Dj Eclipse - Devastator [Nu Energy]
14:: Invader & Dodgee - Nausea (AMS Remix) [Innervision]
15:: Tazz - Whore House [Camel Records]
16:: Hive - Neo (Dom & Roland Remix) [Violence]

with seventy7 and kurption doing new mixes within the last month i didnt want to do another carbon copy of their sets so i put together a set of some of my fav tracks, weoful fuckup between terrodome and don't give a fuck lol. but yeah. would love any feedback please ie YOU DROPPED THAT SHIT TO EARLY HOMEY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING etc

cheers lads

da zulumeister