Hey all, this a bit of a freeform mix i knocked up this afternoon. Please excuse my needles, they're a little worn, and the turntables wahh and flutter a little sometimes depending on mood.

It's on an FTP from my home computer, so expect about 15k/s, and it might go down if you're unlucky. If someone wants to host it, please feel free to do so, and i'll change the link here. (There's a couple of different quality versions up there too if you have a preference)

Name: Tim Ribs
Mix Title: Hardcore Feeform
Style: Freeform
Link: ftp://guest:password@

1. Atomic Orbital (Nu Energy)
2. London-Helsinki Underground (K-Complex Remix) (Nu Energy)
3. Chimaera (Camel)
4. Bad Influence (Raw Elements)
5. Acid Spunk (AMS Remix) (Nu Energy Limited)
6. Sex & Drugs (Raw Elements)
7. Last Man Standing (Nu Energy Limited)
8. The Machine (Nu Energy)
9. Dark Angel (Camel)
10. Dreams (AMS Remix) (Nu Energy)
11. Hardcore Thrust (Relentless)
12. Rock & Roll (Kevin Energy Remix) (Relentless)
13. Planet of Dreamz (Kevin Energy & AMS Remix)(Digital Beatz)
14. The White Stuff (Original Mix) (Nu Energy)

So let me know what ya think, none of the mixes are really badly mucked, but Last Man Standing to The Machine is really late cause the needle jumped when i tried to drop it... twice.
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