Man, I loved Ming D...He was good friends with Danny D and everyone @ Global Village. He came down to Melbourne and played at some of the parties put on out at Footsgray. Im originally from Melbourne but moved to Sydney....I loved soooo many dj's back in early 90's...have to mention some but not all and in no particular order, my faves include:

David Carbone
Steve Robbins
Danny D
Lenny Dee
GTB ( George the Boss from Adelaide)
Ollie Olsen
Fred Disko

and must mention the amazing sounds I've enjoyed from Mixmasters like,

Carl Cox
CJ Bolland
Cosmic Baby
Kenny Ken
Laurient Garnier
Sven Vath

Look let's just say I have alot of favorite Dj's as they all have made my old skool dayz of partying soooo much amazing fun...they all rolled out electrifying, delicious, delightful and downright thumping get your but groovin tunes.....I just can't choose one alone. I really could keep going on ....but I'll leave it at this for now....