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thanks champ. next mix i do i'll actually pradtice is instead of going on the fly so i can get the measures of the tracks sorted, cheers mate

Some of the best mixes are done on the fly I reckon! Just go with your gut instinct on what track comes next

Here's a mix I did a little while ago:



1. Tazz - Take It All Back (Electronic)
2. Cynista & K Complex - Mad As Hell (Nu Energy)
3. Safe N' Sound vs Cynista - Chemical Warfare (Nu Energy)
4. AMS & Shanty - Asphyxiate (Bonkers Mix) (Bonkerz)
5. Jon Doe - BnH Volume 2 (BnH)
6. Impact - Phat As Fuck (Relentless)
7. Ethos & Impact - Terrordome 2004 (Future Dance)
8. CLSM vs Sharkey - Wicked MC (AMS Remix) (Clack)
9. DJ Eclipse - Devastator (Nu Energy)
10. Safe N' Sound & DJ Extreme - Stygian Shadows (Stompin Choonz)
11. Digital Manouvers - Terranova (Bonkers)
12. DJ Quatro - Future Trance Project 2 (FBI)
13. Tazz & Loopy - The Limit (Digital Beats)
14. Tazz & Loopy - Life Support (Digital Beats)
15. Johnny Go Mental - Voodoo Magic (Bonkers)

Bit of a mixup between some of the newer freeform and some of the great classics. These are the great freeform tunes that came out before it started turning into trancey repetitive shit