Perth oldskool standouts:

* Greg Packer (amazing to just stand there and watch, no suprise he won the perth DMC in 91 & 92).
* Darren Briais (ok hes originally a Queenslander but hes ours since '92).
* Chase - originally from over east but ours since '90.
* In-E-Fekt - retired waaay too early, but still has the silky skills when you get him on the decks.
* Rob Fender - again retired too early and like In-E-Fekt still has it when you convince him to have a go.
* Space Ace - had tunes that no-one else did and used them to great effect.
* Rachel Harvey - had a real ego about her, but she could mix!
* Hutcho - amazing record collection, someone who will make you realise just how incomplete your collection is everytime he plays!