^^^ Was it pure hardcore? If so, this probably wasn't it. IIFC, following the debacle that was NYE93, Vegas released the "Let It Out" as a freebie thank you for those that supported Tribal (promoters/parties). Gee, I hope I just replayed those politics as it were. Anyway, this tape had a bit of 'ardcore, as Mr George Vegas was, but much of it was the 'anthems' of the day (Sydney that was, certainly not Melbourne, and not sure where Brisssie was at), and sped up to +8 (with an unknown extra pitch tweaking under the 1200 hood).

Um, does that sound like the tape? One track that comes to mind is "Fruit Of Love" - Tranceformer 2 (ie. happy) that mixed straight out of (I think) "English Muffin" - Lenny Dee (ie. hard)????

Anyway, it certainly scored Vegas more gigs.