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ooook lads, i did up a new mix on sat night and this is what i came up with


01:: Simon Apex vs Safe N Sound - Sensations [Bonkerz]
02:: Dj Impact - The Funky Technician [Relentless]
03:: Dreadhed feat MC Casper - Chemicals In Motion [Blatant Beats]
04:: V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D - Huggermugger [Blatant Beats]
05:: Storm & Dok - You **** [Destructive Force]
06:: Sunrize - Raw Power [Destructive Force]
07:: Sunrize - The Darkness [Destructive Force]
08:: AMS - I Feel Hardcore [Uprising]
09:: Robbie Long & AMS - Kill Bill Vol 2 [Thin n Crispy]
10:: Ethos & Impact - Terrodome 2004 [Future Dance]
11:: AMS - Don't Give A Fuck [Future Dance]
12:: Dj Slam - The Bell [Bonkerz]
13:: Dj Eclipse - Devastator [Nu Energy]
14:: Invader & Dodgee - Nausea (AMS Remix) [Innervision]
15:: Tazz - Whore House [Camel Records]
16:: Hive - Neo (Dom & Roland Remix) [Violence]

with seventy7 and kurption doing new mixes within the last month i didnt want to do another carbon copy of their sets so i put together a set of some of my fav tracks, weoful fuckup between terrodome and don't give a fuck lol. but yeah. would love any feedback please ie YOU DROPPED THAT SHIT TO EARLY HOMEY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING etc

cheers lads

da zulumeister

50 mins through it now man and I'm lovin it. Definatly one that has to be listened to really loud!


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yeah I'm 18... the reason I know about the party scene back in the early 90s is cos my dad told me about it. Dimwit.