/\-The Oldskool TRACK ID Thread -/\
Cosmica, feel free to make this a sticky if you think its a good idea.

Heres some tracks im trying to get id's for


(12.7 MB, Click the above link, File is ID.RAR)

Also if anyones got a tracklist for Paul Holdens Cheeky Chunes tape, i'd love to get that.

From what i can remember (lots of CHEEEESY Italo sort of stuff on this tape)


2. JX - Son of a Gun
3. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall


Dyewitness - Seven Days
Dyewitness - Only if I had one more
ID (I think its another Dyewitness track "The something here has dropped the ball, made an error" or something like that)
Ratpack - Captain of the Ship
Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control

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