Good idea, keeping it all in the one spot.

Now here's my tale of woe:

The track that uses this sample was from the first ever techno music I taped off the radio in mid-1995 which was lost very soon afterwards.

I can't remember anything about this track apart from the sample, which is of Sherilynn Fenn playing Audrey in Twin Peaks (Season 2,
Episode 1 - between 12 and 14 minutes from the start of the episode) and she says "Go away..... I'm shy"

The track was definitely released prior to mid-1995, and going by the show that it was played on (Beat In The Street / Tranzmission
with Kate Bathgate on 3RRR - I forget when the name changed, if it was before or after this) I would say it would have to have been
pretty new, as they always played the most cutting edge stuff - I'm guessing it would have been released in 1994 at the earliest.

This sample is all I have to go by. Hopefully someone will recognise it and know the track. It'll end a 10+ year search and will make my life complete!

Either message me here or email me on

And here is a link to the sample, taken from the actual Twin Peaks episode: SAMPLE

EDIT: Un-stickied as I figure it will get a fair bit of use anyway and wont be too hard to find.

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