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THere is a song from the late eighties/early nineties which is a remix featuring lines from the movie 'running man' with ahhnold schwarzenegger..

name the artist and track for me??

The only Running Man sample I can think of in a track aside from Messiah is in Renegade Rewind by Eko - It has the vocals from the track that was played right at the end of the movie when Arnie's kissing the bird he pulled. The vocals are something along the lines of "this is no game, standing in the dark just when I heard you calling my name". Bear in mind that's a Happy Hardcore track from around 1996, so it probably doesn't fit what you're looking for anyway.


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First one, very housey, prob late 93? Sample says "I'm not your pleasure toy" ( well actually sounds more like " ahhh ah ah I'm not your pleasure, ahhh ah ah I'm not your pleasure, ahhh ah ah I'm not your pleasure toy... I'm not your pleasure toy" lol

That sounds to me like it could be "Elephant Paw" by Pan Position, that definitely has that sample.