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Anyone got any clues about the ones i need id'd?

Sorry mate! After launching the thread, 'tis a bit rude of us to not even given them a shot!!

Ok, just D/L'ed them...

- Unknown - ID (Peewee Ferris Mixup 20-5-95)
I now know so well from the last time you put it out there. Sorry, still no idea.

- unknown099
Yeah, absolutely wicked track! Know it, love it, but where from??? Trying to think where... Sounds very much Cosmic Baby? Maybe? But maybe 'cause I thrashed it on a tape that had a lot of Cosmic Baby? Anyway, again wicked track, and great to hear it - albeit a snippet - once more. I'll keep thinking on this one.

- unknown17_70s
Ok, this one appears on Paul Holden's "Cheeky Choons" tape, femaie vocal "Can you feee-eel it?" or similar vocal. If I recall, a remix popped up on one one of the recent-ish anthems mixes, and I think it was ID'ed then, maybe by Midian? Anyway, he'd be your man on this one.

The rest, never heard (or soaked in) at the time.

Good luck.