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Hey All,

OK heres a toughie - six pack of beer to the first one to get it.

It was Hardcore choon from about 93-95 with the sample "Control of the Mind" in a male echoey ghostly voices and also a female vocal "Yeahee Yeahhe Yeahee Yeah"

Think it was dutch hardcore - not too heavy

Hardcore? Really??

It's a fricken great tune though. Great synth riff in the lead. Lovely breakdown in the middle. Yeah, wicked tune. Listening now... on Disc 3 - Paul Holden - Fantazia NYE '93... which I will get hosted shortly. Funny, about to say the "Control Your Mind" sample sounds like "Open Your Mind"... and that's the next track on the mix.

Anyone on the ID?

EDIT: Sorry, realised you said, "Control Of The Mind. Sounds like the "Control Your Mind" track i'm referring to.

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