OK, another from 1993-ish I'm trying to ID...

Features vocal snippets:
"...play that rock'n'roll and you something-or-other rock 'n' roll"
<lovely arpeggiatored synth riff breakdown>
"...something-something, he's burning with a fever, something-something, he's burning with a fever"
"...The future, the future, the future is ours!"
"...Throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you don't care!"
"...wicked, ...wicked""

I've since come to the conclusion it's a remix of Messiah's "Beyond Good And Evil" (from the album "21st Century Jesus"). Same arpeggiatored lead synth riff, same "throw your hands in the air..." and "wicked..." sample. Just missing the other key vocal samples.

Anyone know the track and what version I'm thinking of?