live and dj sets - post them here
Rather than posting a seperate thread every time, thought id start one for any sets you come across.

new one from DJ Marcus from Son Kite - Slow & Dirty (Tech/House) 25th March 2006

Poro - Anelin
Rhythm & sound - Roll of S
Theo Parrish - That day
Poro - Naukku (Monoder RMX)
Theo Parrish - Reaction to plastic
Smyglyssna - Insvept i papper
Jichael Mackson - O.T
Motor bass - Les ondes
Paperclip people - Reach
Smyglyssna - Rekonstruktion
KAB - Sneaky 1
Mathew Johnson - Marionett
Mathew Johnson - She is he
Dirk leyers - New serious one
David Alvarado - Sol
Theo Parrish - Falling up (Carl Craig RMX)
Dark Comedy - Dark moment 2