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DJ Artemis
April 2006
67 minutes/92 MB Happy hard + freeform

1. Antix - Today
2. Force and Jack Speed - Welcome (Dougal and Gammer remix)
3. Scott Brown and Cat Knight - All about you
4. In Effect - Close your eyes (Hixxy mix)
5. Ham - Count of Three
6. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale - Really Love you
7. Stompy - Destroy the Melody
8. Kevin Energy - Chemical Terror (Purist mix)
9. Scott Brown - Lost Generation (Kevin Energy remix)
10. Eryk Orpheus - I'm the Daddy
11. Kevin Energy - Waves of Desire
12. K Complex and Scarlet Belle - Frozen Like Ice
13. Dougal and Gammer - Crackwhore
14. Uraken - Take Off

Starts fairly quiet and the volume gets louder as the recording goes along which is sorta ghey but yeah feedback would be good

Hey Ruth

I sent you a PM with more detail

Basically my enjoyment peaked at Lost Generation :offchops:

And then I chair danced my ass off

(roh, I've d/l yours, will have a listen today)

I'm recording one at simo's on sat, should be up, would be keen for feedback, 5 years off from playing is a long time (god I feel old)