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Serious? well i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I still listen to Fenix "Pure" and Paul Holden field of dreams three tapes and the mixing on them is damn good. I dont see how you could even class Vagas in the same league?

oh well whatever floats your boat.

I'll second that.. Vagas with Let It Out 95 is a complete joke! 94 was alright.. 95.. OMG.. *shakes head.

Have to rate Paul Holden with his mixed tapes tho! Have listened to them for years and the mixing is precision. Pity for some of his live mixes tho.

Re: Fenix - Pure.. is that the tape that has one side start with the "Inspector Gadget" song???? Dying to find out if my tape is labelled correctly or not. PM me)) If it's the one.. it's one of my FAVVVV tapes. Dying to find a better copy than mine

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