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Have to rate Paul Holden with his mixed tapes tho! Have listened to them for years and the mixing is precision.

re: Paul Holden.

Yep, clean mixes, in key, tidy albeit short.

Not much one's got to play with when one's mixing "anthems" with 8 bar intros before the break.

Never heard him mix any other style though.

Pee Wee and Nik Fish are both top mixers (Pee Wee would come out on top), though just a shame they didn't explore their styles moreso (Nik Fish a real let down on that front).

I'd pick top tunes, fresh tunes, tunes that took you places that weren't going to show up in the next set in a different order, though the mixibng might be off, over mundane same ol' sh!t mixed with precision.

But I'm a music man. The DJs just the jukebox.