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Sugar Ray
Phil Smart
Penriff Dave aka DK
Abel (pre 94)
Paul the Hat (legend and super nice guy!!!)

..and then there were the not so well known guy's who played better then the headliners

Hype aka Andrew James (lost interest in him after 94)
Sasha (Vatoff)

Man this thread brings back memories.

If anyone is interested i have loads of the old mix tapes here. I will compile a list but they are mainly Nik Fish, Jumping Jack, Early Abel Tapes and a few i did - High NRG & Strawberry Fields Live. Would be great to have them on CD as i dont use Tape anymore

I also got FOD 4, Happy Valley 2 & Flashbacks Videos as well and will lend them to someone who is willing to put it onto DVD for me.

Sasha (Vatoff) - sasha@seascape.com.au