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Downloading now, I'll put up the JJJ mix tomorrow after it's been to air!
Have I ever said a huge thank you for doing this for us all!!

Hope you had a great time last night. I certainly did!!

Looking foward to hearing his JJJ mix.

Glad you and many others enjoy the mixes.

As expected, Hernan's set was great, the only thing more that I could've asked for, is for more of that emotional soul lifting sound which I think was terribly lacking in his set Fridat night. I was never really able to get lost in his sound or taken away on that musical journey, you know, the kind that can never be described in just words alone. Other than that his whole set was well programmed and like all great maestros, he had the crowd eating out the palms of his hands with the very greatest of ease. Really enjoyed seeing him again and just can't wait for his return.

Room looked fantastic, perfect for a Renaissance event, crowd was well hehaved and very up for it. I had heaps of fun and just couldn't stop dancing. My legs are ssoooo sore right now.

It's always great seeing all the usual suspects and friendly faces. Look forward to partying will all you guys again, possibly at Sasha & Digweed, not unless of course Nick Warren or Lucien Foort arrive on our shores earlier.
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