Aneurysm's Super Fun Hardcore Mix

I finally recorded it. Only took like waht, 3 months to do?! So lazy, anyway...

I had alot of fun with this one


Atomic Oribital - Mark Ashley and K Complex (NUNRG041)
Chemical Terror - Kevin Energy (NUNRG050_DISK1)
Hardcore Nation - Anon (BOOTS00
Energize - Deviance (NUNRGLTD007)
Hugger Mugger - Vagabond feat MC Wotsee (BB041)
Jonny - Scott Brown (EV052)
Fuck House Music - Postman (GEE077)
Dark Angel - Lost Soul (CAM007FR)
Chimaera - Alek Száhala (CAM009FR)
Sex & Drugs - Lost Soul (ELEM014)
Living Hell - Oli G (DIGI006)
A World of Illusion - Andy Vinal/ Devotion/K Komplex (NUNRG036)
Right Here - Re-Con (RBABY032)
Outro - War of the Worlds (CBS9600)

(mixed completely in headphones as it was 7am when I recorded it this morning hehe)