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In the mid-90s at least, Shade was one of the best: played great tunes at the right time, mixing them flawlessly and scratching like a demon. Few other regular rave DJs equalled that scratching!
Geoff Da Chef for true hardcore sets & Spellbound for predictably polished tunes around the stroke of midnight...

Seiously Shade was rocking the place in Sydney as far back as 92-93 at Humphrey's on Thurdays at the Roundabout every week and I think aprt from Pee Wee he was the only DJ that could seriously mix on beat at the time and his scratching & tricky stuff was a first as far as I can remember in the rave scene in Sydney!!!

My fave's would have to be...... Pee Wee, Shade and later probably Angus as they were the only one's that could clearly hold a mix for a long period of time (more than 10 seconds) without it getting painful on the ears not to mention some other catastrophies others forced upon us!!!