since torque and i have played freeform together for along time now we decided a "stage" name was in order and to launch our new persona we've done a new freeform mix.

Hex and torque present

The Outcasts

1. Ephexis, RX and Carbon based- Decimator
2. C.O.A.- Reformed
3. Kevin energy and k-complex- hands up
4. CLSM- Frenzy
5. Absolute and k-complex- death incarnate
6. Kevin energy- feel the heat
7. Gammer- unforgettable hope (freeform edit)
8. C.O.A.- magic people
9. Kevin energy- Crescendo's of ecstacy (eric orpheus remix)
10. Jon doe and Cube:HARD- see you on the other side
11. Eric orpheus- 35 cycles
12- K-complex and desire- unplugged
13- Impact and Nemesis- cocaine
14- C.O.A.- smash it up
15- C.O.A.- toxic injection

thanks to The COA for tracks 2, 8, 14 and 15 and E-NRG for track 1 much appreciated!
Destroying -
Karma @ Earth every Saturday
Altitude @ Earth 21/10
Lashed @ Earth 22/10
Rezerection @ Earth 28/10
Scott alert @ Earth 29/10
Anthems on a harder tip @ St pauls 29/10