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Hi people!!
i'm new hier and i come with a present for you a set 100% hardcore made in netherland//FRANCE!!! This set gathers tracks newschool and oldschool of which some drawn from live from the project hardcore 2002. you can download Hardcore 21 has this address:

i wait your news

++Open the real real core++


live\Stunned guys - Nothing else will stand
Korsakoff - No Noctophobia
Manga Corps - The Hunter ( Stormtrooper Mix)
E-Man - Boss Machine
The Outside Agency - 740 MHZ - Internal Overtone
Dr. Macabre - Hardcore basic
Korsakoff- powerrave kanon..
DJ Niel - Under my skin
Slavefriese - Stay Down with the Hardcore
Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One
Evil Activities - State of Emergancy
Negative A & Darkcontroller - Rape The Planet
Sei2ure - Piledriver
live\Angerfist - Criminally insane
tha playah - rotterdam nightmare
SRB - Hydraulic Power
Day-Mar - Time is on my side
Re-Style - Relytser
Masochist - Lomf
Dj Niel & Dj Kristof - The Business
Wishmaster, The vs. Life Runs Red - Tales From The White Widow
Promo - King Of Pain
T.M.T - Let The Attack Begin
DJ Neophyte & Evil Activities - Alles Kapot
Bass Protectors - Hicked Pitch (Remix)
Gif Phobia - This Shit Is My Life
Lenny Dee - Fuckin' Hostile
Noize Suppressor - Top A Top
D-Dr!ve - Versus
DJ D - Dirty
Matt Green - Affliction
Omar Santana vs. Quaternion - Mad Skillz
Partyraiser & DJ Triax - Massacre
11 Razor Edge - Hard Beat
Unexist - Smash
Dj Promo - That Ainīt Real
live\Vacorps- X mess
Unexist - DYD
Tieum - Bitch Sexuality
DT6 - Malevolent
Na-Goyah - 6 million
Angefist - My Critic Fetish
Dr. Z-Vago - Hate Me
Tieum - No Symphaty
Lenny Dee & Radium - Syphilles Spread
Randy versus Radium - Breakbit gangster
Headbanger and Dione - Pain is god