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starting out with jeff waynes war of the worlds = automatic win

also nice to see others using ogg too. more once i actually listen to more than the 1st 30sec

edit: since listening to the rest of it.. the mixing is pretty rough there. though i do like the tracks selected.

yeah it is rough. pretty much all done on the fly. I basically selected a bunch of tracks that I've got listed in a text file by tempo. also, I rarely play with this genre cos I usually do EBM and not nearly quite so hard industrial. I'm surprised it came out this well at all actually.
[yeah ok now that I've stopped justifying putting together an average mix]
my main reason for posting this is to see what you people think of those slower, non hardcore (that is, hardcore as a genre) but still farily hardish sounding sounds. aka rhythmic noise (also know as power noise, not to be confused with power electronics) and hard technoish sounding industrial.
I hate to admit this but my background is the dancier goth/industrial scene. hardcore (as per the hardcore/freeform/gabber type of hardcore) NEVER gets played, but you occasionally get the stompier, rhythmic sounding type tunes here - although it's rarely anything above 150. hence, I wonder how this style of music - if you take out the Nasenbluten - sits with your ears.
bloody hell it's late. I should stop tambling now shouldn't I and go to bed.