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Hernan Cattaneo 23/12/2006 Pt1

Hernan Cattaneo 23/12/2006 Pt2

Dec 23- Metro 95.1

Treasure-Satoshi Fumi
Gold Leaf-Matthew Adams
DJ Tim & David Kassi - Fix the Laundry (Welton & Marrocco Electric Mix)
Jonathan Okanto - Sad... by YOU (Original Mix)
Victoria R - Monochromic
Soda Please - Luxury
frou frou-dumming down of life(sean quinn )
Cloud Walker (Original Mix) Glenn Morrison & Human Adams
Luetzenkirchen - The Killer (Dub)
anderson noise -DetroitToTorino
nicholas van orton-sweeper
Fuzzball - Can you Fuzz It (Damian DP Remix )

I must admit I love seeing Australian names up there.

I get these sets from which is a great site. They usually leave them up for a week. From now on I'm not going to post sets until they come off MS [I feel guilty] which means thety will not be up for a week to 10 days after the shows. If you want them any earlier you have to participate on MS, which is fun anyway.

Happy New Year All!!!

btw Hernan is June and Room again!