Haha I think you just might be, and thanks for the info! I actually saw his set in Sydney and it had me dancing like a maniac, even after a whole day at We Love Sounds festival, which is no mean feat...but it didn't seem to stray into the deep house sound that he does so well on his radio shows. He pointed out on his radio show that with shorter time slots he plays more banging sets, so I think I'll go wherever he plays the longest!

He has played in Canberra years ago, but the hardcore support for the lesser known (yeah I know sounds funny) djs just isn't what is used to be at the moment so I doubt very much he would come here. The one advantage of living here is that the djs who do come usually play longer and in smaller environments, I love being up close and personal with the dj as well.

I'll definitely keep an eye out for the announcements, I'm guessing you'll break the news when you get it!