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Ok The best set I've ever seen was Hernan at Room, but I have to say I don't think they did him justice last time. They have changed the configuration of the room and the sound is not as good and the the dj booth is actually a stage which puts the Dj way up from the crowd. This is a personal thing, but I thought Hernan was so much better at Geelong last year because he was down on our level. He was much more crowd reactive!! The first time at room, while the booth is a bit higher than the dancefloor, you are still with the Dj. I could be being presumptuous here but I thought Hernan preferred to be closer to the audience. He certainly seemed to be having more fun at Geelong.

After all that I still thought he was great at ROOM last year and I will be buying my ticket as soon as they become available. One way or the other it's still going to be a good night!!. Actually the people that get to his gigs are a great crowd as well!! Most people that like Hernan are pretty passionate about the music!! I don't know if he comes to Canberra or how good your clubs are but if you don't get him there I would be finding out about the Sydney gig as well. Apparently it was really good last year. I might try and do both and hope we have a similar situation to Geelong as well.

That should give you some information to go on

I think I pretty well am his biggest fan in Australia

Hernan played in Geelong????/ What the???? Which club? I'm not from there but a lot of family lives there and I always had ther impression that the place was far too bogan for Hernan to come knocking (having said that I think Geelong also kicks arse as a town - really nice joint - just not into prog I would have thought)
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