Good to see you back!! and I guess I should get off my bum and post the ones before!!

Hernan Cattaneo - Metro 95.1 2007-04-14 Part1.mp3 (81.88 MB)

Apr 14 - Metro 95.1

Lovelee Flowers (Unbroken Edit) Babak Vs. Blaze
j.millidiu -phatflaute- (Alec Araujo Remix)
sam ball-Sunshine Lover
Pitch & Hold - Ceres -
Victoria R - Sineline
Sweep (Jim Rivers Vox Remix) Blue Foundation
Oliver Moldan - Black Souls (Steffen Herb Silvs Love Dub)

Hernan Cattaneo - Metro 95.1 2007-04-14 Part2 .mp3 (76.84 MB)

Phantomas - Shonky
black reel Dusty Kid
Wired (Sam Ball Mix)James Harcourt & Udaye Rana
Eva - Builder (Work It Baby)

White Bug - Tiger Stripes
Pitch & Hold - Eris - Love Triangle
Pig & Dan 'Eiffel Nights'
Sultan & Ned _Together We Rise

Tracklist 2007-04-21

Apr 21 - Metro 95.1 Part 1

itamar-dream theater
Arcade Mode - Telesto 2
neil and nick mir feedback dj meri rmx
California Girl kabuto&koji
discoscience/the sidewinder -mike mackenna
ground-get up (original mix)
alec araujo-my breeze
Mixed Emotions-Dean Baker
Lookin' Back, Thinkin' Forward-Scope

Apr 21 - Metro 95.1 Part 2

outmode-oliver moldan
Speak B4 U Think (Original)Audiofly Pres. Liars Paradise
logistik sounds-Hangdown Sorrow
Rescue Me (Logiztik Sounds & Balacazar)
Pitch & Hold - Pars Pro Toto (Williams Mix)
Foulds & Smaaskjar - Redux
andrew k-unknown-mike mackenna
Enjoy The Silence -Diogenes Club Vs Depeche Mode

21 APRIL 2007


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