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^^Don't think that is going to happen Hate having my photo taken !! My avatar is the only one I think I've ever liked, for two reasons , one, you wouldn't know who it was and two, it looks as though both feet are off the floor.

Also it is a major disappointment in my life that my sPROGster isn't!! He likes funky house!!

Look forward to your review on the Satoshi. You've probably heard this before, but he was at my first dance event and he was amazing, but for me his cds since Nubreed have been slowly sliding out of my like zone.

Btw have you got some decent headphones for your ipod yet. There were some cheap in ear sennheisers on ebay, TOTALLY FAKE !! I bought a pair.

Hey Di

Awww no photos

Boooooo I hate photos of me, but I dont care enough to stress it. I make a big enough arse of myself that I'm past caring

I did the Satoshi review, but in all honesty I just didnt feel it for soooo long. By the time I did feel it the review needed to be completely re-written and in attempting to re-write it I took all the funneh out of it and it ended up sounding like I didnt care when I did. Stresses of time and all that.

I'm trying to get the Hernan review for Sequential 2. Fingers crossed.
Probably wont though as my last effort was a shambles.

OH ITM Gods, please forgive my slackness.

Oh, I did get some decent headphones. They're the ones the Mrs uses for Skype at home. They're fucking mental !!!! Arent Ipod compatible, but I will get some new ones for that soon. Original Sennheisers!!
Never mind the bollocks
Here's Lambretta