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Got a question? Great! But wait, don't post yet!

Have you first...

1. Browsed the first couple of pages of this forum to see if a thread related to your question has been posted recently?

2. Looked at the sticky threads at the top of the forum, including the infinitely useful, useful threads thread?

3. Spent at least a few good minutes using the search function? It's right up there in the USERS TOOLS drop down box. Make sure you try different search terms. You can restrict the search to subforums too, which is useful. You can also use GOOGLE and add after your search term to show results from this forum only.

4. Used google anyway. There's a heap of really basic shit that gets asked all the time that could be found from simply searching for a minute or two on google.

After all that, if you honestly cannot find an answer to your problem, go ahead and post!



This is the Music Production and Technology forum. It is for discussion about Music Production, technology associated with it, and also DJ technology and technique.

Questions and discussion about computers do not belong here. Instead please use the Gaming and Computers forum.

It is not the place to ask computer-related questions like:

  • What program do I use to resize JPGs?
  • How do I install a new hard drive?
  • Help, I am a retard and lost my files, how do I get them back?
  • What bitrate is best for ripping MP3s?
  • Anything to do with iPods and media players.

Although it would be fine to talk about computer questions that relate to Music Production tasks such as...

  • Is AMD or Intel better for Music Production?
  • Backup solutions for audio and music projects
  • Laptop reccomendations for Serato

Just remember... If your question pertains to computers, DOES IT specifically involve Music Production? If so, post it. If not, see if it is more suited to the Gaming and Computers forum.

If you are uncertain about whether or not to ask a computer-related question in this forum, please feel free to drop me a private message and ask.

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