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Not anyone can write good music. Writing music is like painting a picture, anyone can do it but only some people can really excell in it. Before you jump into writing some tunes, ask yourself if you are really good at doing things like this? In school, were you creative? Did you create good art peices? Does your imagination overtake your mind? If you answered yes to most of these then you can make good music. Anyone can sit down and write an ok 4/4 trance beat. Its simply a matter of utilisiing musical techniques and methods. A really good music producer however will use these techniques and methods but add there own creative flare to the whole process, thus giving it an individual taste and a sound that people are intrigued to listen to. Music can give an emotional incite into the creators thought process and inturn act as an outlet for for the creator.

My tip for anyone would be to get your setup right, calibrate it until everything is just perfect, that way you can forget about being a technician and delve deep into your creative mind without being disturbed. When you are writing music, yoiu should be shut off to the rest of the world, oblivious to your sorroundings and oblivious to other things that are happening in your life.

Once you have done this, write whatever the fuck YOU want. whatever makes you feel good and whatever you want to hear. If you like the sound of a tiger farting in reverse then that is fine, use it, loop it, stretch it. Push your limits!

It usually takes about 15mins for you to really get into the vibe of things. You may even find that the music you were writing in that first 15mins isnt worth even keeping because you wernt in the same frame of mind. Its always hard to get started witha track but the only way to get it done is to sit down and start messing around and enjoy!

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Would it be silly to suggest that one learns the basic rudiments of music too?

as most music programmes think users knows the whatfors and whathows in music, perhaps looking at the basic of music would be a good start.

I'd suggest Books 1 - 4 Dulcie Holland. (any other books after that are for Nerds). Theyre written in comprehensible langugage and are also Australian made. Having your basic music knowledge should be a must for each and every music-goer.

Using the above books will then definitely be able to help you getting started as per Remedy's suggestions.

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For anyone looking to read up on music theory go to its a great site.

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Heres an article, everyone should read about mixing/eq. Especially anyone thats new to it.

It's based on drum n bass but the graphic way it explains frequencies applies to pretty much everything.

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useful read from the TTR forums

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