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rancho, you seem pretty familiar with most things Pentax, especially in this forum full of Nikon and Canon-lovers... I'm reading some great reviews of some of the Pentax primes, notably the FA 50mm f/1.4 and the FA 77mm f/1.8 which are leading the race for my dollars.

Price difference aside, what can you tell me about these lenses; have you tried them first hand? Have you had a chance to play with any of the new DA*'s coming up around the corner?

i have an older smc f 50mm f/1.4 as my test lens, its a solid construction and great image quality. somewhat noisy autofocus as im used to my canon usm lenses. havent seen the fa 50 irl, it looks like a reasonably good build although not as good as the older metal design.

if you can wait, they are releasing a da* 50mm f/1.4 sdm hopefully by the end of the year.

the fa limited range (31 f/1.8, 43 f/1.9 & 77 f/1. are all outstanding lenses. ive used the 31 although unfortunately not very extensively. the build quality on them is just unreal. google some reviews and i think youd be hard pressed to find a bad word said about them.

pentax is finally playing catchup, the announced da* range are all weather resisant, sdm (sdm only available on k10d and k100d super) and internal focusing and so far includes;

announced & due soon

16-50 f/2.8
50-135 f/2.8


50 f/1.4
60-250 f/4
200 f/2.8
300 f/4

havent had my hands on them yet, but have seen some sample images from the 16-50 and 50-135 and they definately match the image quality of the competiton.

having said that, im still a canon fanboy :blush:


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