Ill start things off. Make sure you list down the genre as well.

acid3o3 - fade to grey [render.3]

genre: prog / minimal house / tech.
gear: macbook pro + abelton live.

Some of my fav tracks from the last few months and some oldies thrown in there as well.
Dont go out too often anymore, so these are just tracks that i enjoy listening to rather than going out and getting down to. Its not meant to be a ground breaking set, just something to sit back and enjoy. I ditched the cdjs and turntables for this mix and used ableton to mix it. Wanted to try out ableton and see what it could do, it definitely opens up the scope for a lot more creativity.
All tracks have been edited and reworked to some extent, so give it a listen and let me know what you think.

dark globe - break my world
shiloh - dream on (luke chable mix)
the remote - like you (thugfucker mix)
amber - anyways (steve porter mix)
djuma soundsystem - les djinns (trentemoeller remix)
booka shade - hide and seek in a geisha's garden (seeking a moaning geisha edit)
trentemoeller - moan
moby - go (trentemoeller mix)
xpress 2 - kill 100
one + one - rover (one plus a beat repeat edit)
tiga - 3 weeks (booka shade mix)
aphex twin - windowlicker (trenemoeller mix)
nathan fake - outhouse (umek remix)
satoshi tomiie - glow (glowing sonny re-edit)
nathan fake - the sky was pink (james holden remix)
deadmau5 - faxing berlin
unkle - reign (acid3o3's false unkle reckonstrucktion re-edit)