I'll post one mate

Here's a recording of part of my live progressive house set from Krankydigital over the weekend. I'm pretty bloody happy with how this turned out, the progression that evolved was very satisfying. Thanks to Alicia for giving me one of the key tracks, *swoon* Love Shop is just fantastic!

Gear: Xone92, CDJmkII's, KP3, SoundbiteXL

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1. Pryda - Madderferrys
2. Moonbeam - Snowfall (Pete Lunn Mix)
3. Envotion - Down There
4. Luigi Daniell - La Musica (Falero Remix)
5. Touch Dirty - Turn Dat Shit Up (Dub)
6. Lustral - Deepest Darkest Secrets (Martin H Remix)
7. Blazerflame - Blissecho
8. Siskid - The Architect (Julian Jeweil Remix)
9. Luke Bowditch - Freeway (Sean Quinn Remix)
10. Damien Strong - Love Shop
11. Oliver Moldan - Baby Show Up (Elegant Universe Remix)
12. Island 9 - Moody (Chris Micali Remix)
13. Graham & Blades - Argie Bargie
14. Maskio & Alex Dolby - Tokyo Zoo
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