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you obviously dont scratch, lol
nice setup though, how high is that desk, do you get a sore back?
do you play trance?

No I don't scratch and I do play Hard Trance / Dance & Full on Psy Trance mostly.


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You thought about racking the gear up???
Eg 2 1000's up on a rack and the laptop beside them on the bracket....could save a lot of space and shifting about Could evern put the kp3 on a rack on the otherside?
Either way - with scratch 3 cdjs, 2 TT's and two efx....your certainly not short on gear hey?

But whatever works for you is best

Yes I do need to rack it up!!! It was / is only temporary as I was only back in Australia for 3 months.

The second effetct box (the DFX-1) is for sale if anyone is interested!


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that set up seems a bit of overkill to me you have 9 inputs - two turntables, serato, 3 cdjs and that other controller thing (is it behringer?) if you use it all though more power to you!

Actually 7 inputs and I only use 5 at a time as TT's are used for timecode or normal vinyl but not both.
Yeah the controller is a Behringer, I use it as as a controller so I never touch the laptop (its just a display)

The flexability is great and its also great to get some mates over and have back to back sessions


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nice setup, not really overkill if you wanna play cd's and vinyl, got serato myself and loving it.... have you used serato with the cdj's yet? i gotta dust off my cdj's and give it a try.. will post pics soon.

I don't use Serato (the program) just their timecode vinyl and no I haven't used the CDJ's with timecode cd's yet but I will get around to trying it.

The second effetct box (the DFX-1) is for sale if anyone is interested!