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Most vinyl junkies will agree nothing beats putting that needle on a virgin vinyl, just how a heroin addict must feel when the needle goes in the veins with serato i can keep using the vinyl and new tunes every week yeha

ive had both and vinyl just doesn't compare. why do u think a herion junkie uses herion? its just not the same at all. iam a music junkie and have been for 20 years, i know the feeling of a great new track u put on the decks, but the injection of a Opiate to make your bodily functions work properly is just not the same..

its like this, if you dont have a new record your body doesnt go into all kinds of withdrawls to make you that sick you would do break and enters to feel normal again now does it. If it did, your djing for the wrong reasons

i like your set up bro , but that statement was a little off the mark

and using the 1 scratched up record to play an mp3 or wav track through is not it either, a vinyl junkie loves there wax, they take care of it and look after it.

the create idea is sweet as though

man im so hungry right now I could eat a horse

waiting for new jacks response, outling that animal cruelty is bad and that we should not murder helpless animals

btw with serato you can change the line to phono so you can play both vinyl and mp3 thats what i was trying to say, whereas if i get a cdj1000 i will no longer be able to play vinyl, feel me