London for breakfast is good. I use to go there most weekends as I lived just down the road and I must say, the service was hit and miss. Some weekends, outstanding. Others, hello can I get some fucking service?

Mecca Bah's Turkish pizza is awesome.

Isis is...well Isis. Impressive.

Monsoon was average when I went. Though I did see Bernard Fanning.

Himalayan Cafe is great.

Thai Orchid in Milton have some great lunch time specials. $10 for curry, spring rolls and a drink. Tasty too.

Vespa Pizza make good pizza. And they deliver on a Vespa, what more could you want?

Oyama Japanese is good for tepinyaki. Though I couldn't catch the bowl of rice when he threw it at me!

The thai place down from Himalayan Cafe is cxrap, their tofu curry has massive chunks of lemon in it

That's all I can think of for now.