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Sono - awesome Japanese. The sashimi is amazing and I love how you sit on cushions.

And for best coffee and muffins I like Modena on Adelaide Street. Though I hear the Italian guy who owned it has now sold it

'Modena' is my regular coffee place when I am at work, and our dear little Italian guy did sell it to the people that used to run Cosmopolitan's just down the road. Still the same coffee though. I used to get the 'Felici' take away packs which translates as 'Happy'
Otherwise on the weekend you cant go past Charlton's coffee at 'Urban Grind' in West End. If you ever find yourself over that way do yourself a favour and grab a coffee from him.

'Sono' is very good but I hear that 'Sakura' in Highgate hill is better. Apparently more traditional Japanese cuisine and the guy that owns it directly imports his fish from a little fishing village in Japan. Very expensive but apparently well worth it. I really want to go.

I have also been looking for a good french resturant. Anyone know of one??


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It is actually acceptable to kick sand in childrens faces at the beach. It's character building. For them too.