Urbane on Mary Street is brilliant, but overpriced. Probably the closest thing Brisbane has to a proper degustation?

Green Papaya
is awesome, but don't know if it's changed at all since Ms Yeomans sold it. I always wanted to try the bouillabaisse that she puts on one Saturday every month.

The best feed I've ever had in Brisbane was at Vino's. The food was outstanding. I love that place and Cha Cha Char and Il Centro.

Having eaten at Wagamama's in Sydney, Melbourne and London I can attest that the Brisbane one is far superior to all of them. I remain a fan.

edit: Forgot to mention Mondo Organics in West End. That place rocks. I've got a soft spot for the East Brisbane German Club too... they cook a mean schnitzel but I haven't been brave enough to try the eisbein yet.
you're in my hut now

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