i've been trying out the degustation dinners with matching wines at a few places this year:

Restuarant II. Been there twice in the last few months. First was the black truffle degustation and then the standard version a month or two ago. Best service out of the fine dining restaurants I've been to without being snobby about it. Excellent food too. The decor is pretty plain, but if you are a foodie then it will suit you just fine.

Isis. Great value for money when it comes to the degustation. Nice place to eat as well. I plan on going back there for more of the same in the next month or so. We added in extra cocktails, cheese platter and the chef threw in an extra course (9 servings all up i think it was) so we left very full and very satisfied.

Gianni's. Crap considering that it will set you back $200 a head for dinner with wines and neither is particularly impresssive. Pretentious for no good reason. The waiter we had didn't know the first thing about wine, let alone the wine she served to us. The courses were underdone both in terms of the food and the drink. Not a place I will be heading back to in a hurry.

As for custaro's comment about proper degustation then both II and Isis would fit the bill there. Gianni's was a poor imitation.

Regarding a few of the others mentioned, I can highly recommend Sakura for Japanese but I would recommend against going to Kabuki because you don't get a lot for what you pay and they think it's a novelty to throw eggs in your direction.

I was planning to go to Montrachet about this time of the year but i find it a bit offensive that they don't open on saturdays and that they also apparently cram as many tables as possible into the place. I personally don't like bring crowded, or hurried in a restarurant. Brisbane could do with more good french restaurants.

We tried Bacchaus (spelling??) at new farm a few weeks ago after an all afternoon drinking session and the service was very friendly and the food was not too bad. I would go back if i was in the area and if was after a decent mid range place to eat.

Also last weekend i tried an italian place at rosalie village for a cheap sunday night dinner. It's next to that fish lovers place. Nothing fancy, but the prices were really cheap and i reckon it was really great value.