Some awesome looking places mentioned.
Nardo, the degustation places you've been trying so far; are they restricted to a particular influence or do they have a variety of influences? What's been your favourite thus far and why?

I find myself going to particular places for a specific flavour or dish, sometimes the atmosphere is important considering that there is nothing worse then sitting in a packed restaurant where it is quite difficult to enjoy your time or maintain conversation.
Sashimi is certainly a favourite and I find myself eating it nearly on a weekly basis. For my low cost regular option the sushi train at central Brunswick is sufficient, as is the new place over next to the south bank cinemas. Quick, cheap and easy.

If you donít mind spending a bit on sashimi then any of the Sono places in Brisbane or Tsuruya restaurant in Ridges (formerly Iwasaki) resort in Yeppoon. Owned by Mr Yohachiro Iwasaki, Ridges tends to be a breeding ground for Queenslandís sashimi chefs some of which have moved onto the Sono restaurants. I was at Tsuruya in Yeppoon on the weekend and I swear they had to have used local stocks of fish as we got to enjoy an awesome selection of white fish such as, kingfish, coral trout, cod and snapper. Iím getting hungry just thinking about it.

For Chinese, I have similar preferences, a cheap option and a splurge option. Asian fusion is great for a simple soup (I love hot n sour), a quick lunch noodle/rice dish, or cheap evening meal. I really like their flounder n ginger and pork mince n eggplant dishes.

If I want to splurge on the Chinese, I canít seem to get past a two course peking duck followed up with shredded pork, vegetable and tissue pancakes. Pine n Bamboo is the top of my list here and they are one of the only places Iím aware of that make the tissue pancakes fresh (well apparently, but it does taste like it). Superbowl also surprisingly offers a large course of peking duck which is better suited for three or four people.

Italian, well you canít go past home cooking and home made prosciutto, pancetta, coppa and home made vino. Unless you are close with my partner and can put up with her crazy father, then there is a fair chance you wonít get to experience the place I like most for this fantastic home cooking. With all that considered, I do like to venture to Capri at emporium for antipasto or one of their fantastic pizzas. Back in the day they used to make the most unbelievable polenta and duck risotto but they have since changed their chef and I think lost their touch on that side of things. Arrivederciís at park road also make great pizza and has a half price deal on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Donít know about the ownerís son having a fascination with AS Roma and Totti, but I canít complain too much. I hear that Becofino in Teneriffe is also quite nice, and itís on my list of places to try.

This is getting long winded so Iíll stop now, but Iíll ask the Frenchies at work tomorrow and get their opinion on a decent French place to go to. Iím sure they will say none exist outside of France but we shall see.