I've decided to leave pentax as they just don't support what I want to do (namely sports/gig photography, as they don't go above 3fps on digital, and even that's a call I'd like substantiated as my *istDL doesn't approach the 2.8fps they claim, and I've found the low light AF pretty terrible compared to a 350D that I borrowed).

Anyway, getting to the point, I've decided that I'm probably going to get either the 30D or 40D. With this I will need new glass, so I'm thinking the kit lens (which has lots of rumours, from the current 18-55 to a weather sealed 18-55 IS and even the lovely 24-135 IS), a nifty fifty and the Sigma 70-300. Does anyone have anything new to say about any of these lenses? I've got the 70-300 for pentax and some canon and nikon people claim it's not that sharp but my copy is deliciously so, especially for a $250 lens, so if you could confirm/deny that would be excellent.


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