Dre re degustation. No particular theme other than the truffle one at II, which was the best by far, but only offered one month a year when truffles are in season apparently.

I've tried a few more since last posting:

Sono: I spent $20 on a gyoza (spelling?) platter thing, which aslo came with pork and it was very tasty, good value and the service was good.

The Grove Establishment (i think it's called): just opened in Ashgrove, with cafe, restaurant and a good sized lounge bar. Has potential but is still int he teething stages. The service was a bit all over the shop but the steak was one of the best ive had in a long time. The sort of place that belongs in new farm, so it's a bit wierd to see it in the burbs.

The Lab (at hotel conrad): Ended up there last night after figuring out sono doesn't open on sundays. Had Brains wrapped in prosciutto with cauliflower pureee for entree, then cassoulet of rabbit and a couple of other furry animals i cant remember, then a chocolate thing for desert. Very french dinner, with red wine on a cold rainy night - an absolute WINNER.