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Hey JIMROCKS, i just listened to your mix and i have to say it is pretty tight, although maybe you should concentrate on your mix as a whole instead of just song to song.

"back to your roots" mixed over the top of the other song was great and you should do stuff like that more often as opposed to just smoothly changing from track to track.

ALso when i say concentrate on your mix as a whole, i mean that you should treat it as one song, with an intro (eg 3-4 tracks), build up (more tracks), a peak (more tracks), breakdown, then an outro or howeva you want to do it.

You can have a breakdown, then a build up again or whateva, as long as the vibe is consistent.

But great mix nonetheless, keep it up !

Really really appreciate the feedback Peaker. Thanks a lot mate
I totally agree with what youre saying and its something Im working on at the moment.

To be honest the mix I put up was one of the 1st over 30mins where Ive been reasonably happy regarding the lack of major trainwrecks and level changes (although there's a couple of both there)

Now I have a more confident grasp of beatmatching and EQing Im beginning to look at the mix as a whole, planning the set a bit more rather than banging on the next tune that catches my eye.

Wll post another up soonish and see how things are progressing.

Thank you again for the constructive feedback.

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